Nightly business report closing credits happy

They even thought of making the "PBS" logo you see above in the same color scheme as the Star-Spangled Banner at first when they showed this idea to them some of the logos mentioned make appearances in a late s PBS promo using Lionel Richie's Say You, Say Me as its jingle. You can see a mini-documentary about the logo and it's evolution here. According to YouTuber Aspergian, there was a Christmas variant that played in between programs during the holidays. He recalls that it consisted of three thick candles on a dining room table in the colors of the letters with possibly a Christmas tree with presents in the background.

Nightly business report closing credits happy

Edit This is normal for modern anime. Longrunners will switch them less frequently. Oddly named sequels will always have new themes. Death Note had two themes. Taken to extremes in the second cour of Mawaru Penguindrum where a different end theme was used in almost every episode.

Sailor Moonafter two seasons, changed the singer of the opening song and then, two seasons later, changed the whole song. Averted with Tokyo Mew Mew. Over the course of its two-season run, Code Geass changed the opening theme five times.

Lupin III shifted the opening of each of its series from time to time. The best known example is likely the second series, Shin Lupin III, which used four distinctly different versions of the famous Lupin theme throughout its three-year run. Gatchaman interestingly replaced its opening theme, with the ending theme and vice versa around episode The "new" opening is much better known than the original which had a children's chorus in a fairly hard-boiled spies and superheroes show.

There are a few anime that switched the opening theme song with the closing song and vice versa. Over time, the show changed themes like crazy: What's more, Barry and Enright also stole the theme from Break the Bank for a tournament of champions.

Lingo used a short, looped "game show"-y music in seasons 1 and 2 actually a remix of the Dutch verion's themeand a completely different rock theme from Season 3 onward.

The complete opposite could be said for the Dutch version. There the "game show"-y tune replaced a rock theme. The Drew Carey Show. First "Fired Up", then a different tune by the same guy perhaps because "Fired Up" was adapted from a Marine Corps cadence and therefore not a good choice for an Army-based show.

Each season of the S Club 7 TV series had a different song as its opening theme. The original V changed its theme tune a number of times during its run.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet deliberately changed its opening and closing themes for each new series or special.

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The Avengers originally had a theme tune by Johnny Dankworth. It also underwent a complete makeover when production was switched from videotape to film, simultaneous with Diana Rigg's arrival, resulting in the more familiar Laurie Johnson theme.

The change of Monk 's theme tune is notable as it was implicitly referenced in-show, at a Painting the Fourth Wall monemt. Babylon 5 made a point of doing this every season, to reflect the changing theme of the show.

Happy Days used "Rock Around the Clock" as its theme tune in its first season, then changed over to a Days of the Week Song specially written for the show.


Chuck went through several incarnations before settling on "Short Skirt Long Jacket". White Collar has a new theme for season 3. Which they changed back to the old theme a few episodes in. Farscape changed its theme tune between seasons 2 and 3.

The Cosby Show teeters the line of new theme and rearrangement for Season 5 with the orchestral version. It's probably an arrangement because a fragment of the theme is there in two or three places but much less than the other 7 seasons' intros, which generally followed a bar blues progression.Watch video · News/Business.

() 'Nightly Business Report' bids farewell to Paul Kangas. good evening and happy new year, everyone.

when the closing bell rang here at the new york stock exchange a person on the n.b.r. staff including in our bureaus that i wouldn't like to single out for being outstanding and a credit to our goal of being the best. Jun 06,  · PBS Education Kids Paramount PBS Kids.

FARIO Friends And Shrayen And Suhani And On TV Series September 11th, Closing Credits. Nov 18,  · By viewer request here are the credits from PBS' 'Nightly Business Report" for April 26, Recorded off-air (analog) from WMHQ-TV 45, Schenectady, NY.

Newsnight is a weekday BBC Television current affairs programme which specialises in analysis and often robust cross-examination of senior politicians. The programme's regular presenters are currently Kirsty Wark and Emily Maitlis..

Several of the programme's editors over the years have gone on to senior positions within the BBC and elsewhere. Jul 05,  · In putting together our new website section on nuclear energy's unmatched reliability, we uncovered some facts that the folks who aren't familiar with our industry might find free to share them, and the below infographic, on social media.

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1. Nuclear power plants are the most efficient source of electricity, operating 24/7 at a 90 percent average capacity factor. “Nightly Business Report produced by CNBC” (NBR) is an award-winning and highly-respected nightly business news program that airs on public television.

Television’s longest-running evening business news broadcast, “NBR” features in-depth coverage and analysis of the biggest financial news stories of the day and access to some of the.

nightly business report closing credits happy
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