Energy for the future essay

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Energy for the future essay

Activation Energy is the amount of energy required for a reaction to take place. As a reaction takes place two molecules approach each other and then repel, the energy required to force the two particles to collide is activation energy, the particles then get close enough to rearrange the electron shells.

Energy for the future essay

Using a catalyst lowers the amount of activation energy required for the electrons to be rearranged. I predict that the graph for my main experiment will look like this: Method For the preliminaries I will be testing how the amount of hydrochloric acid affects the rate of reaction and how the concentration of the hydrochloric acid affects the rate of reaction.

Energy of the future essay

First of all I will have to draw a picture on a piece of white paper and place it underneath the conical flask. I will have to get a conical flask and put 50cm of Sodium Thiosulphate into the conical flask. Then I will put 5cm Hydrochloric Acid into the flask.

Then I will time how long it takes for the image of the picture to be completely obscured by the build up of sulphur. Then I will repeat the experiment using different quantities of hydrochloric acid and then using different concentrations of hydrochloric acid.

I will change the concentration of the hydrochloric acid by instead of 20cm, have 18cm Hydrochloric Acid and 2cm of water. And changing it until eventually I have a very low concentration, but keeping the volume the same. I have ensured that this experiment will be a fair test by using the same batch of Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid.

I washed out the flasks after each experiment and dried thouroughly. I also used the same temperature of room and made sure the experiment was conducted in the same place to ensure fair light. I am also repeating results to ensure no unusual readings were made.

Preliminary Investigation 1 For the first preliminary investigation I tested how much hydrochloric acid I would need. I tested three different volumes of hydrochloric acid, 5cm, 15cm and 30cm. The results are below. Preliminary Investigation 2 For the second preliminary investigation I chose to test the concentration of the hydrochloric acid.

I tested using 20cm of hydrochloric acid at different concentrations. Main Experiment For the main experiment I chose to change the concentration of the Sodium Thiosulphate. I will be testing the concentrationsOn the next page I have drawn a graph to show the time taken for the reaction.

By looking at my graph I can see that some points are slightly off of the line of best fit.

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The reaction graph is on the next page. These are the retest results: The original results may have not been as accurate as there may have been contamination, inaccurate measurements or different lighting making the image seem to disappear quicker. Analysis By looking at my results I can see that my prediction was correct: The more concentrated the Sodium Thiosulphate, the faster it will react.

This is because there are more molecules of Sodium Thiosulphate, so they are more likely to collide making the reaction faster. When the concentration is lower, the reaction takes place slower. The following diagram, used in my prediction, seems to be correct. I have also found out that the higher the temperature, the faster the reaction takes place, this proves my theory correct in which the higher the temperature, the faster the reaction.

However, this does not prove that the particles are moving faster as I would need an electron microscope to see if this was correct.

However, when the concentration of the Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid is changed it also has an effect on the reaction rate. Evaluation Overall this reaction was successful, but I think it could have been made more fair.Nuclear Power: Energy for the Future Essay Words 5 Pages Nuclear power is a technology synonymous with extirpate, radiation, health issues, and instability, but also mass energy production.

Alternative Energy Alternative Energy whether used for transportation or utilities such as generating electricity for home or business is a very significant subject going on right now because of the benefits it would provide for us, such as environmental, economic, job security and energy security.

Our Energy Future Essay. Kyle Smyre June 6 Period 2 Mr. Watts Our Energy Future Currently, it's clear that there is an immense problem with the prospect of society's energy needs for the future. Energy of the future essay. The boy in the striped pyjamas persuasive essay, rice jones mba essays writers on medicine and the bomb essay chateau de paray bessay sur allier vanity mentorship state of the art essay stanitzek essay writing film dvd cover analysis essay everyday use essay on character.

Energy for the Future Essay Energy For The Future John Hosking We live in a world where technology has outgrown us, and where we have outgrown our world. Beyond our dependence on the earth’s resources for simple necessities we have grown dependent on it for energy.

Future Energy Resources: Hydropower Essay - Future Energy Resources: hydropower Hydropower is a renewable energy source that transforms the kinetic energy in running water into usable electricity.

The energy generated from hydropower plants can be used to power homes, businesses and factories.

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