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Civics notes

Name an ideal state in India for setting up a Civics notes factory. Salespersons travel to different parts of the city.

They get orders from the shopkeepers and collect payments from them. Name the international organisation that deals with labor issues. International Labour Organisation Q5: Name a new form of employment in the big cities.

There is deduction in the salary of a permanent worker during medical leave. Why Tribes are facing threat of loss of livelihood?

Tribes face threat of loss of livelihood because MNCs are taking over their land for setting up industries Q What is a call centre? Centralized office that deals with problems and questions that the customers have, regarding the services provided.

Wage labourers collect funds from agencies. Which of the two have insecurity of job- Permanent worker or temporary worker?

What kind of threat a temporary worker has? Give an example of micro-entrepreneur. What is Provident Fund? Provident Fund is a particular form of retirement savings. Who are casual workers? List a common problem in markets due to urbanization?

Why factories are located on the outskirts of the city? To avoid pollution and commercial congestion. List the various mediums through which a showroom gives advertisement.

Place where daily wage labourers assemble and wait for work. Federation of Rickshaw Pullers in India Q Name the organisation of rickshaw pullers in Delhi.

Civics notes

Delhi Federation of Rickshaw Pullers. Who prevents the panchayat from misusing money? In which year the National Policy on Child Labour was formulated? Who offers license to the Urban street vendors?

Superintendent of police Q Why does Hawkers form committees? State one similarity between street vendors and those who sell in the shops. Give examples of people working in organised sector. Banking, hotel and travel services, energy and power etc.

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Civics notes

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It has great picture tours of the Statue of . Civics Chapter 20 Vocabulary Subhan Shahid 3rd Hour 1. Business cycle- a recurrent fluctuation in the total business of a county. 2. Expansion- anything spread out; expanse. 3.

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